Juan Kuang Energy Saver Sdn Bhd (372702-T)
A member of the Juan Kuang Holdings Group

7.3 Garden Lighting

  Model No Lamp
1 ZT-J70 ZT-J70 for double ended MH lamp
2 ZT3a-300, ZT-3B-300, ZT3C-300 CFL lamp under 300w with length less than 140mm and PAR38 lamp.
3 ZT3-100 70-100w MH, sodium or 80W mercury lamp
4 ZT3-150 70-100w MH, 50-150w sodium or 175w color MH lamp
5 ZT3-250 175-250w MH, mercury, color MH or 150-250w sodium lamp
6 ZT-L50, ZT-1-L150, ZT2-L50 With 50w tungsten halogen lamp
7 ZT5a-L50, ZT5b-L50, ZT5c-L50
ZT4a-L50, ZT4b-L50, ZT4c-L50
ZT4d-L50, ZT4e-L50
With 50w tungsten halogen lamp

ZT6a-L20, ZT6b-L20, ZT6b-L20
ZT6c-L20, ZT6d-L20, ZT6e-L20

With 20w tungsten halogen lamp